Improvers 1

Class Ratio

8 Children in the pool :1  Instructor


Children are taught in the shallow area of the pool by an Instructor based on the poolside.


Children must be able to swim 5m on their front and back without aids and not require assistance in the water.   

This level is suitable for swimmers working on STA Goldfish series or ASA stage 3-4.



The focus of this class is teaching and maintaining the correct technique of each of the 4 strokes. This includes strengthen the kicking action. practising the correct overarm action on front crawl and back crawl, introducing side breathing on front crawl, developing an effective breast stroke kick and undulating dolphin movement In addition we will practice a wide range of water skills to enhance water confidence and mobility.


Covid Secure Measures

We have reduced pool capacity to 8 swimmers. This class will include 3 /4 Improver 1 swimmers .Each Improver 1 swimmer will be allocated to a pool station with labelled equipment for their use only in the shallow end of the pool. Front crawl side breathing will be taught to one side only. To accommodate a mixed ability class – more able swimmers will be given longer distances and adapted drills to ensure they are challenged.  We believe this set up allows us to use the pool safely and we can accomodate siblings who may be different levels.