30 minutes

Class Ratio

9 Children per Instructor per class


Children are divided into three lanes and are coached by an Instructor poolside


Children must have a good technique on all 4 strokes and be able to swim confidently a distance of 100m.

This level is suitable for swimmers working on the STA Shark series or ASA stage 6-7.


We continue to encourage good technique on all 4 strokes with more difficult drills that build on the children’s strength and stamina. We introduce competitive starts and turns throughout the term combined with a mixture of stamina training and short distance sprints.


Covid Secure Measures

We have reduced pool capacity to 9 swimmers. There will be 3 swimmers per lane to accommodate social distancing. Each swimmer will be allocated to a pool station with labelled equipment for their use only. Front crawl side breathing will be taught to one side only. To accommodate a mixed ability class and to reduce any overtaking lanes will be allocated accordingly to stamina and the distance and difficult of each drill will be adjusted to the swimmers abilities.   We believe this set up allows us to use the pool safely and accomodates siblings who may be different levels.